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Picasso Collection
Pablo Picasso is widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century and a co-founder of the Cubist movement.
He was exceptionally prolific, producing an estimated 50,000 artworks throughout his career, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, and prints.
"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."
Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.
Picasso was not only a painter but also a skilled sculptor. He experimented with different materials, creating innovative sculptures using bronze, wood, ceramics, and found objects.
Picasso's Dove
The story behind Picasso's dove is connected to his involvement in the peace movement. In 1949, Picasso was asked to create a design for the poster of the World Congress of Partisans for Peace, which was held in Paris.

Inspired by the theme of peace, Picasso sketched a simple image of a dove, which he then refined and simplified even further.
The dove became a powerful symbol of peace and was widely embraced by the peace movement.

The image of the dove carries a message of hope, harmony, and the desire for a peaceful world. It is a testament to Picasso's ability to resonate with people on a deep emotional level.
Picasso's influence extends beyond the art world. His unique style and innovative approach to art continue to inspire and influence contemporary artists, designers, and filmmakers. His legacy is celebrated in numerous museums and galleries worldwide.
Picasso co-founded the art movement known as Cubism along with Georges Braque. Cubism revolutionized the way artists depicted space and objects, breaking them down into geometric forms and multiple viewpoints.
Picasso's Legacy
Picasso's paintings often convey deep emotions, social commentary, or personal experiences. By choosing a tattoo inspired by his art, individuals can imbue their body art with symbolic meaning that resonates with them personally.
Symbolic Meaning
Why you should do tattoo inspired by Picasso's art
Picasso is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Getting a tattoo inspired by his art is a way to pay homage to his artistic genius and show appreciation for his significant contributions to the art world.
Artistic Appreciation
Picasso's art continues to be influential and relevant even decades after his death. Choosing a tattoo inspired by his work ensures that the design will have a timeless appeal and remain visually captivating for years to come.
Timeless Appeal
Picasso's art went through various periods, offering a wide range of design options for tattoos. Whether one prefers Cubism, Blue Period, or the vibrant colors of the Rose Period, there is a Picasso-inspired design to suit individual preferences.
Versatility in Design
By getting a tattoo inspired by Picasso's art, individuals can establish a personal connection to art history and become part of a larger cultural narrative. It allows them to carry a piece of art history with them wherever they go.
Connection to Art History
Picasso's relentless creativity can serve as inspiration for individuals seeking to embrace their own artistic endeavors or push boundaries in their chosen field. A tattoo inspired by his art can serve as a constant reminder of the power of creativity and innovation.
Personal Inspiration
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I came to the handpoke tattoo because of love to art - in my main job I lacked creativity and started tattooing as a hobby. Tattooing is my passion and the way I live my life. In my work, I pay great attention to the precision of the lines and the aesthetics of the sketch. I regularly update the collection of sketches so that you can always find one that suits you.
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At the end of the session, I will cover your tattoo with a special healing film and will give you a cream for healing. Also I will give care recommendations.

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How to make an appoinment?
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