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Tattoo Gift Card in Paris

Great chance to make your loved-one’s dream come true!
Lifelong reminder gift
A Gift that will always remind your friend or loved one about you
Digital Tattoo Voucher
Voucher is only available in electronic format and will be sent to your email.
Flexible Gift Card’s value
You can choose a Gift Card with any value starting from 100 euros.
Why Tattoo Gift Card
The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
The tattoo certificate can be used in any city: Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich.
It is possible to pay additionally if card’s value doesn’t fully cover idea.
Healing film and care instructions are included in the Gift Certificate.
Why Tattoo Gift Card
Hi, I am Roma
I work in handpoke technique
Where is the shop?
Ravenink Tattoo Club35 Rue de Clichy, Paris, 75009
Hi, I am Roma
Where is the shop?
How it works
Within 24 hours you'll get an email with a Digital Tattoo Gift Card with all the information the recipient needs. You can resend this email to the recipient whenever you want.
The fortunate recipient can redeem the certificate for a tattoo matching its value or use it as a partial payment for a larger designs. The card provides ample time to turn dreams into reality.
Pricing fits every size and budget. Elegant mini tattoo starts from €100. If you don’t know, which one fit for your idea, please reach out to hi@romapokes.com
How it works
Tattoo Gift Card
Flexible price starting at €100
If you don’t know, which one fit for your idea, please reach out to hi@romapokes.com
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