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Celtic Tattoo
Celtic tattoos are characterized by intricate designs and patterns inspired by ancient Celtic culture, reflecting the deep connection between the wearer and their Celtic heritage.
History of Celts
The decline of the Celtic civilization can be attributed to a combination of factors, including Roman conquest, assimilation, and the gradual decline of Celtic languages and traditions over time.
Celtic culture was characterized by its rich mythology, oral traditions, skilled metalworking, intricate artwork, and vibrant religious practices.
One of their most recognizable symbols is the Celtic Cross - it combines Christian and pagan elements, representing the fusion of Celtic and Christian religious beliefs and cultural heritage.
Tattooing was a common practice among ancient Celts, with evidence suggesting that both men and women adorned their bodies with intricate tattoo designs.
for men
Not only
Despite stereotypes, tattoos in the Celtic cultural style are widely popular among female audiences. While men often opt for tattoos with symbols resembling "marks" on the body, women often choose more elegant silhouettes and designs based on traditional Celtic ornaments.
Why you should do celtic tattoo
Cultural heritage
Getting a Celtic tattoo allows you to connect with and honor your Celtic roots and cultural heritage. It can serve as a way to celebrate your ancestry and embrace the rich history of the Celtic people.
Symbolic meanings
Celtic tattoos are known for their deep symbolism. These tattoos often feature intricate knots, spirals, or animals. They can represent strength, protection, love, spirituality.
Unique and artistic designs
The intricate knots, interweaving patterns, and flowing lines make for beautiful and visually captivating tattoos. Designs can be customized and adapted to suit individual preferences.
Conversation starter
Celtic tattoos are often eye-catching and draw attention. It can spark interesting discussions and help foster a deeper appreciation for Celtic traditions and artistry.
Hi, I am
I came to the handpoke tattoo because of love to art - in my main job I lacked creativity and started tattooing as a hobby. Tattooing is my passion and the way I live my life. In my work, I pay great attention to the precision of the lines and the aesthetics of the sketch. I regularly update the collection of sketches so that you can always find one that suits you.
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Celtic tattoo sketches

I will be glad to work on the sketch or create a new one according to your preferences, please contact me.
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Latest Drops
Latest Drops
Cities and dates
I work in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich. Choose your city by clicking on it in the list.
Cities and dates
Click on the Booking Appointment or go down for booking section. Choose your city, date and time. Enter your contact details and finalize the booking. €30 deposit is required for each hour booked.
Making Appointment
Consultation and design of the sketch happens directly at the session, basing on your wishes and place of tattooing. The artist will always give you advice and tell about the nuances and features of making a mini tattoo. Do not forget to take a valid ID!
Mini tattoo session
At the end of the session, I will cover your tattoo with a special healing film and will give you a cream for healing. Also I will give care recommendations.

Then you pay the remaining amount.
Recommendations and payment
How to make an appoinment?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
How to make an appoinment?
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Before you make an appointment for a mini tattoo session, please consult in DM on Instagram @RomaPokes or write me an email to hi@romapokes.com whether your idea fits the format of a mini tattoo.
Things to normalize
What to expect during a session with me
Things to normalize
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